BTS Jin’s Self-Composed Song ‘Abyss’ Tops iTunes Charts in 23 Countries

Jin, a member of the globally acclaimed group BTS, has once again demonstrated his powerful influence in music with his self-composed song ‘Abyss’ reaching number one on iTunes charts across 23 countries, including Portugal, Papua New Guinea, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic. Initially available only on SoundCloud and YouTube, ‘Abyss’ was officially released on all streaming platforms in October 2022, quickly climbing to the top ranks in various national charts, including the ‘Worldwide Chart’, ‘iTunes US Chart’, and ‘iTunes Europe Chart’.

‘Abyss’ is a heartfelt track reflecting Jin’s personal emotions and experiences during a period of burnout. Its release in December 2020, just two hours before Jin’s birthday, was accompanied by a blog post explaining the inspiration behind the song, offering comfort and healing to many who related to his sentiments. The song, known for its lyrical melody and Jin’s clear, silver-toned voice, has been praised for its artistic depth and emotional resonance.

Esteemed publications like Entertainment Weekly and Teen Vogue have lauded ‘Abyss’, with Teen Vogue naming it one of the top K-pop moments of 2020. Jin’s unique vocal abilities and innate artistic talent have established him as a muse of healing and empathy, garnering widespread love and admiration. Even during his military hiatus, Jin continues to maintain his global popularity and influence, heightening expectations for his diverse activities as a solo artist post-service.



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