BTS Jungkook Qatar World Cup opening performance surpasses 100 million views


BTS Jungkook’s Qatar World Cup opening ceremony performance video exceeded 100 million views on YouTube on the 24th. 

This 5-minute video, which surpassed 100 million views in 63 days, is a live performance video of the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. 

Jungkook was the first Korean singer to stand at the opening ceremony of a World Cup in a foreign country, making the audience go wild with a fantastic performance and live performance with a presence that filled the wide opening stage by himself. 

Male solo singers whose official live performance videos have exceeded 100 million views on YouTube include Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Charlie Puth, Justin Bieber, and Bradley Cooper. 

Michael Jackson’s three live stage videos from his 1997 Munich concert, Bruno Mars’ performances at the American Music Awards and Victoria’s Secret Live Show in 2016, and the Super Bowl Halftime Show in 2017 each exceeded 100 million views. 

In the case of The Weeknd, the 2016 Victoria’s Secret live show stage video in Paris and the 2021 iHeart Radio live show stage video with Ariana Grande, and in the case of Charlie Puth, the 2015 American Music Awards live stage video with Megan Trainor have 100 million views. 

In this way, Jungkook has been able to stand shoulder to shoulder with superstars from all over the world who represent the live stage and draw attention.




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