BTS Jungkook’s Final Farewell on Enlistment Day: “Feeling Bittersweet… Doing the Backlogged Laundry”

Jungkook, a member of the popular K-pop group BTS, bid a final farewell to fans before his military enlistment. In the early hours of the 12th, he greeted fans via a live broadcast, titled “I’ll be back well.” During the broadcast, he was seen doing laundry at home, explaining humorously that he had to finish his pending chores. Jungkook shared his mixed feelings about enlisting the next day, expressing a bittersweet sentiment and ensuring he’d be well-rested for the challenges ahead.

Throughout the live session, Jungkook’s demeanor was noticeably pensive, contrasting with his usually cheerful persona. Addressing fans’ inquiries about drinking, he clarified that he hadn’t consumed alcohol, preferring to enlist sober. He thanked fans for their support and promised to return healthier and happier. Jungkook also playfully mentioned missing the fans and not being adept at saluting, promising to return with a proper salute after his training.

Jungkook, sporting a newly cropped haircut concealed under a hat, showed visible reluctance in leaving his fans. Alongside Jimin, he is set to begin his military service on the 12th, following RM and V who enlisted the day before, and Jin, J-Hope, and Suga, who had already started their service. With Jungkook’s enlistment, all members of BTS are now serving in the military, and the group is expected to reunite in 2025 after completing their service.



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