BTS proves ‘World class’ in Japan too

According to the latest chart released by Oricon on the 18th (August 23rd / counting period August 9-15), BTS’ new song ‘Permission to Dance’ released last month had 9.707,356 weekly plays, and it ranked first in the ‘Weekly Streaming Ranking’ for 5 consecutive weeks last since July 26th. 
BTS’ ‘Butter’ took second place in the ‘Weekly Streaming Ranking’. 
With these, BTS monopolized the first and second positions for the sixth week in the ‘Weekly Streaming Ranking’ from the July 19th to the latest chart. 
The popularity of ‘Permission to Dance’ is evident not only on Oricon but also on famous Japanese radio charts. 
‘Permission to Dance’ maintained the No. 1 position for 3 weeks in a row on the Tokyo J-WAVE ‘TOKIO HOT 100’ on August 8th, as well as 1st place on the Osaka FM802 ‘OSAKAN HOT 100’ for 3 weeks in a row, and Hokkaido FM NORTH WAVE ‘SAPPORO’ 1 on the HOT 100′ for 2 weeks in a row. 
In addition, BTS maintained the top spot for 6 weeks in a row with ‘Butter’ in J-WAVE’s ‘TOKIO HOT 100’, setting a record for ‘most number 1 this year’. 
The program’s host, famous DJ and voice actor Chris Peppler, said, “After BTS’ ‘Butter’ topped the charts for six weeks in a row, ‘Permission to Dance’ also climbed to the top for three consecutive times, and BTS ranked number one for the ninth time this year. In particular, as the two songs took first and second places at the same time, BTS became the first artist to monopolize the first and second charts in the 33-year history of ‘TOKIO HOT 100’.”



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