BTS Suga, V, and Jungkook Listed in ‘Song of the Year’ by Prestigious International Media

The members of the popular group BTS have garnered significant recognition for their individual works in various prestigious international music media listings. Suga’s album “D-DAY,” released under his alias Agust D, was placed at 27th in the “50 Best Albums of 2023” by Consequence of Sound, an American music magazine. The album was praised for completing his trilogy as Agust D and for its compelling message to the listeners.

V’s first solo album “Layover,” released in September, ranked 19th in the “30 Best Albums of 2023” by Time Out London. His album, consisting of six tracks, was acclaimed for its blend of husky baritone vocals in a jazzy R&B style, resonating with fans of Neo-soul legend Maxwell.

Jungkook’s debut solo album “GOLDEN,” released in November, was highlighted by UPROXX as one of the “Best Albums of 2023.” It was praised for demonstrating his prowess as both a BTS member and a solo artist. The New York Times also included “GOLDEN” in their “Best Albums of 2023,” reinforcing Jungkook’s status as a global pop star. Additionally, Rolling Stone recognized Suga’s “D-DAY” and tracks from V’s “Layover” and Jungkook’s “Seven (feat. Latto)” in their respective top albums and songs of 2023, highlighting their unique musical identities and contributions to the industry.



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