BTS’s V Achieves 600 Million Streams on Spotify with ‘Love Me Again’

BTS’s V has reached a significant milestone with his solo track ‘Love Me Again,’ surpassing 600 million streams on Spotify. This achievement marks the first time one of V’s solo songs has reached this impressive streaming number on the world’s largest music platform. As of June 3, the track has accumulated 600.5 million streams.

‘Love Me Again,’ featured on V’s solo album ‘Layover,’ is an R&B track with roots in 1970s soul and gospel influences. The song’s dreamy atmosphere, combined with V’s rhythmic and soulful vocals, creates a unique vibe rarely seen in K-pop.

The American media outlet Consequence highlighted ‘Love Me Again’ in its ‘The 2023 K-POP Yearbook,’ calling it the “most astonishing single” of the year. The publication praised the song for its balance of pop and R&B sounds and for showcasing V’s rich baritone voice.

V has expressed a personal affinity for ‘Love Me Again,’ citing it as his favorite track on the ‘Layover’ album. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he mentioned, “‘Love Me Again’ reflects a desire to reminisce and return to the past. This sentiment is also mirrored in the music video. In short, it signifies that my youth isn’t over yet.”

The music video for ‘Love Me Again’ features a minimalist and sophisticated approach, focusing on V’s music and voice with minimal lighting, settings, and scene transitions. Its dreamy ambiance earned it praise as a “fantastic blend of tone and visuals,” leading to historic achievements. V became the first K-pop solo artist to simultaneously top the UK’s Tidal Top Video chart and Apple Music UK’s video chart. The music video also claimed the number one spot on the iTunes Music Video and YouTube Music Video charts.



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