Chanel and Gucci too… why do global luxury brands love to promote with Korean stars?

Global luxury brands recently scramble to give Korean celebrities a brand ambassador.

In particular, on Chanel Instagram and YouTube channels, where the video was uploaded, hot reactions to Jenny and G-Dragon led to comments. This is the first time that a collection has been made in the name of a Korean artist as a project to mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Chanel brand.

Kai has been working as a Gucci Ambassador for four years this year. Kai even filmed an advertising campaign ahead of the release of the collection, becoming the first Korean celebrity to serve as a model for Gucci. An official from the fashion industry interpreted, “The use of Korean celebrities as advertising models for the launch of the collection named in Gucci has increased the status of Korean celebrities.”

Earlier on the 15th of last month, Italian fashion brand “Fendi” announced that actor Song Hye-kyo was selected as the official Ambassador. French brand “Dior” also selected a member of the group Blackpink as a global ambassador on the 8th. France’s local city also used the girl group “Aespa” as its brand ambassador on the 10th of last month. Dior selected BLACKPINK’s index as the global ambassador. This is the first time a Korean celebrity has become a global ambassador in Dior. An official of a fashion brand explained, “We prefer people who can show the image of the brand well and can ‘win-win’ each other because they have influence in themselves.” Fendi also chose a Korean actor as the official Ambassador for the first time. Chanel’s teaser ads were released on Chanel’s official Instagram and YouTube accounts, and Dior, Fendi, and local cities are also sending out Ambassador selections and their performances through their official accounts around the world.

Lee Kyung-eon, director of STEAM Entertainment, said, “With the emergence of popular K-pop stars such as BTS and BLACKPINK, the influence of Korean stars, which were limited to Asia such as China, has expanded all over the world.” Of course, the improved purchasing power of the Asian market in the luxury market is also an important background.



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