Close to the 1st place… STAYC, valuable ‘career high’ with ‘Teddy Bear’

Girl group STAYC (Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, J) coolly dispelled the regrets of their previous work with ‘Teddy Bear’. 

Having succeeded in achieving “career highs” in both album and sound source fields, they finished their activities in a good mood while re-establishing their presence in the 4th generation girl group market. 

They received favorable reviews with their debut single title song ‘SO BAD’ and gained the image of a ‘trustworthy and listenable girl group’. 

Since then, STAYC created a sensation by climbing to 8th place on the music charts (hereinafter based on the Melon daily chart) with the single title song ‘ASAP’ released in April of the following year, and quickly rose to success despite being a new girl group belonging to a small and medium-sized agency.

With the title songs of the mini-albums released in September of the same year and February of last year, ‘Stereotype’ and ‘RUN2U’, they ranked 28th and 5th respectively, continuing their momentum. 

However, the single title song ‘Beautiful Monster’ released in July of last year did not create a big sensation. 

In this situation, STAYC took a long time to release a new work due to digesting the Japanese activity schedule. That’s why ‘Career High’ written by STAYC during the promotion of the single ‘Teddy Bear’ released last month is a report card that feels even more thrilling. 

The title song ‘Teddy Bear’ of the same name as the single rose to 3rd place on the chart, which is the highest score of StayC. 

‘Teddy Bear’ is a pop punk genre song that emphasizes the fresh energy and STAYC’s unique ‘TEEN FRESH’ concept. 

STAYC ended their official activities last weekend by appearing on a music show, but the popularity of “Teddy Bear” is still ongoing. 

STAYC, who has completed the activities of ‘Teddy Bear’ by achieving a valuable ‘career high’, will release a new single in Japan in April to target the local music market again.



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