‘Comeback’ BTS unveils concept photo of new album ‘Proof’ for the first time


BTS has released the first concept photo of their new album. 

On the 28th, BTS drew attention by posting the concept photo of the new album on the official social media. This concept photo, consisting of group and individual cuts, is the ‘Proof’ version, which is also the title of the new album. The bullet marks left on the iron gate symbolize the ordeal in the history that BTS has gone through, and the strength of the seven members standing on the bullet casing means the past 9 years of BTS, who have been running without being shaken by any circumstances, recording countless moments. BTS will release an anthology album ‘Proof’, which contains 9 years of history since their debut on June 10th. The track list of the new album was released on the 9th and 11th, and the ‘Proof of Inspiration’ content containing the storytelling of the b-side songs was released on the 17th and 23rd. 

The video ‘Proof of Inspiration’, produced using the collage technique based on the photos, handwriting, and narration taken by the seven members, as well as the songs in the album consisting of a total of 3 CDs, conveys the meaning of ‘Proof’ more vividly, raising the expectations of fans.

(You can find the first concept photos of BTS’s new album ‘Proof’)


Source: news.jtbc.joins.com


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