‘Comeback’ IVE, ‘cool charm’ through photos


The group IVE caught the eye with their colorful charms. 

Ive posted the third concept photos of the new single ‘After LIKE’ sequentially through the official social media from the 12th to the 14th in the afternoon. 

In the first published photo, Gaeul showed a cool and refreshing charm with blue as the symbol color. Ahn Yujin, who was released next, showed a hip yet lovely visual with hot pink as a symbol color. Lastly, LaRei exuded a refreshing charm with a green color. Liz attracted attention with a bright smile with a light blue color. 

The third single ‘After LIKE’, which will be released on the 22nd, is an album that is an extension of the second single ‘LOVE DIVE’ and expresses another irrefutable ‘self-love’. 

The title song of the same name, ‘After LIKE’, is a song about a specific love method that you want to show with your actions, not your heart, as it will show you a variety of charms. 

In particular, Seo Ji-eum, the lyricist for Ive’s debut songs ‘ELEVEN’ and ‘LOVE DIVE’, not only included the bold message of Generation Z in the lyrics, but also enhanced the level of perfection with Rei’s participation in rap making. 

IVE’s third single ‘After LIKE’ will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 22nd.

(You can find IVE’s concept photos from the source link below.)

Source: news.jtbc.co.kr


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