‘Comeback’ with ‘LOCO’… ITZY “We want to show that we are a group without limits”

At 1 pm on the 24th (local time in Korea), ITZY released the first full-length album ‘Crazy in Love’ and the title song ‘LOCO’ simultaneously around the world. 
ITZY released their 4th mini album ‘GUESS WHO’ on April 30 and the title song ‘Mafia In The Morning.’
The first full-length album ‘Crazy in Love’ released after 2 years and 7 months of debut, gives greater wings to global growth. 

Below are the members’ Q&A.

Q: You released their first full-length album ‘Crazy in Love’ after about two years and seven months since your debut. I think it has a different meaning for the members too, so please tell us how you feel about the comeback.

Yeji: Since it is a full album that many fans have been waiting for, we prepared the album with even more joy. Also, we filmed the music video for the b-side song for the first time, so we hope the fans like it a lot.

Ryujin: It was the first time for us to prepare and record so many songs at once, so it felt a bit difficult, but I am very happy to show various new songs to many people. We thought we knew each other well at the time, but as time went on, we got to know more and we became able to rely on each other even more. The time we spent together and the memories are accumulating, so I think we know what each other wants just by looking at each other’s faces. 

Q: The previous work ‘GUESS WHO’ and the title song ‘Mafia In The Morning’, released in April, was a global success, entering two of the US Billboard’s three main charts at the same time. I wonder how you felt at the time and whether there was any pressure while preparing for this album due to such achievements. 

Lia: First of all, I was really happy, and I was even more grateful because it seemed like they recognized and loved ITZY’s music and the hard work of the members. 

Ryujin: The previous album ‘Guess Who’ was prepared with the goal of ‘we hope that more global fans will like it’, and I was happy because it seemed to have exceeded our expectations. As we put a lot of thought into the new album as it is our first full-length album, I am more excited about how the fans who have been waiting for us will react than the burden. 

Q: The new album title ‘Crazy in Love’, the title song title ‘Loco’, and even teaser contents are covered with the keyword ‘love’ throughout the album. What kind of image did you want to show through the new album? 

Yeji: In the new song ‘Loco’, under the theme of ‘What would it look like if ITZY fell in love with something?’ Also, through our first full album, I hope that many people will feel ‘new’ by seeing the passionate image of ITZY, who is crazy about something.  I want to show that ITZY has no limits.

Lia: It seems different for ITZY to sing about the feelings of loving someone. It has a new feeling musically, so I hope the fans will listen carefully to how it has changed. It also contains a lovely charm when expressing the up and down feelings caused by attraction. 

(You can find the whole Q&As of each member from the source link below.)

Source: www.sedaily.com

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