CRAVITY Takes First Place on ‘The Show’ Immediately After Comeback with ‘Love or Die’

The boy group CRAVITY clinched a first-place trophy immediately following their comeback.

According to their agency, Starship Entertainment, CRAVITY (comprising members Serim, Allen, Jungmo, Woobin, Wonjin, Minhee, Hyeongjun, Taeyoung, and Seongmin) won first place on SBS MTV and SBS FiL’s ‘The Show’ broadcast on the 5th, with the title track ‘Love or Die’ from their seventh mini-album ‘EVERSHINE’.

During their comeback stage on ‘The Show’, CRAVITY delivered a performance of ‘Love or Die’ dressed in all-black, enhancing their charisma. Their unparalleled performance, aligned with the fast-paced rhythm, captivated the hearts of global fans.

CRAVITY’s leader, Serim, expressed through their agency, “We are delighted to have won first place on ‘The Show’ right after our comeback with ‘Love or Die’. We hope everyone looks forward to the stages we will present with ‘Love or Die’.” He also thanked their fans, known as LUVITY, saying, “It feels like we’ve had a great start to our activities thanks to LUVITY. We are grateful and love you.”

The title track ‘Love or Die’, which has been well-received upon their comeback, stands as a testament to CRAVITY’s signature energetic vibe. It leaves a strong impression with its drum and bass rhythm unfolding rapidly. The track’s addictive melody combined with CRAVITY’s precise and perfect choreography has been receiving global acclaim.

CRAVITY, known for their unique concept of ‘youth energy’, has once again proven their limitless growth through the youth story presented in their seventh mini-album ‘EVERSHINE’. The group plans to continue various activities with their new song ‘Love or Die’.



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