“D-5 to Comeback” Kep1er Reveals Highlight Medley for 5th Mini Album ‘Magic Hour’

Kep1er, the girl group sensation, has unveiled a glimpse of their upcoming music release. Through their official social media on the 20th, Kep1er, consisting of members Choi Yoojin, Shaoting, Masyiro, Kim Chaehyun, Kim Dayeon, Hikaru, Hooning Bahiye, Seo Yeongeun, and Kang Yeseo, shared a highlight medley video of their fifth mini-album, ‘Magic Hour,’ set to be released on the 25th.

The video features concept photos from the previously revealed ‘BELOVED’ version and showcases glimpses of the members in two unit combinations. It offers a sneak peek into five tracks, starting with the title song ‘Galileo’ and including ‘The Door,’ ‘Love on Lock,’ ‘Tropical Light,’ and ‘TAPE,’ captivating listeners’ ears.

The title track ‘Galileo’ is a disco-funk genre song that depicts a girl in love discovering her destined partner and observing the emotions of love within, all delivered with witty and adorable lyrics. ‘The Door’ lyrically portrays a shy girl who wants to venture out of the world with you through the medium of a door. ‘Love on Lock’ metaphorically expresses the desire to lock one’s love as an unbreakable padlock, and ‘Tropical Light’ is the first unit song attempted by all nine members, igniting enthusiasm from fans. Additionally, ‘TAPE’ is unveiled, capturing the essence of enjoying a summer night drive with friends and wanting to record those memories on tape.

Kep1er’s fifth mini-album, ‘Magic Hour,’ paints a picture of a “magical moment” where the entire world revolves around love. With upgraded musicality, the anticipation for Kep1er’s new story on stage continues to grow.

Prior to the album’s release, Kep1er plans to sequentially unveil the music video teasers for the title track ‘Galileo’ on the 21st and 22nd.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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