Davichi, 14 years since debut, “The secret of longevity is that they don’t fit each other”

In MBC FM4U’s ‘Noon’s Music Party with Kim Shin-young’, which aired on the 19th, Davichi Lee Hae-ri and Kang Min-Kyung appeared as guests. On the 12th, Davichi released a new digital single, ‘Just Hug Me’. Davichi, who has been in the 14th year of their debut this year. DJ Kim Shin-young asked, “Have you ever thought that ‘we fit each other really well’?” Lee Hae-ri honestly confessed that “We don’t fit together.” Kang Min-Kyung also said, “we really don’t fit, but that is a good thing. Because our ideal types are different, we don’t have to bump into each other.” At the same time, Lee Hae-ri added, “We pat pat. We really don’t fight,” she added. “When we adjust our opinions, we raise our voices and speak, but when the staff see it for the first time, they think we are fighting.” 
Davichi made a joke y saying, “We refused to do live with this new song to the company because it is the most difficult song so far.” 

Source: sports.chosun.com


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