DAY6, comeback D-2… All song highlights released → 90s hip-hop + Korean ballad sentiment

DAY6 (Even of Day) released an album sampler video two days before their comeback. JYP Entertainment posted a sampler video containing the highlights of all songs of DAY6 (Even of Day) 2nd mini album ‘Right Through Me’ on the official SNS channel at 0 o’clock on the 3rd. Including the title song ‘Going Through’, ‘We’, ‘WALK’, ‘The Things You Wanted’, ‘At the End of Tragedy’, ‘Home Alone’, ‘LOVE PARADE’, you can clearly feel their new musical style with just a taste of the 7 tracks. 
The title song ‘Going Through’ expresses the ‘moment of breaking through cracks’ by adding Korean ballad sensibility to the hip-hop rhythm of the 90s. 
‘At the end of the tragedy’ features an exciting British rock sound and dramatic lyrics, and it contains the hope that even the other party will be happy in the face of a fate that is headed for catastrophe. 
Members Young K and Wonpil participated in composing and writing lyrics for all songs in this new album following their DAY6 (Even of Day) debut album in August 2020. 
After releasing the stage for the first time for the title song ‘Going Through’, they share behind-the-scenes work on the album and respond to their enthusiastic support. 
Meanwhile, DAY6 (Even of Day)’s new album ‘Right Through Me’ and the title song ‘Going Through’ will be released on July 5 at 6 PM (local time in Korea).



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