ENHYPEN opens the first world tour ‘MANIFESTO’ in Seoul.. Gorgeous performance

In the performance, fans could not take their eyes off from the seven members for 150 minutes with a rich set list of more than 20 songs, spectacular performances, and colorful stage costumes. 

Following the ‘BORDER’ and ‘DIMENSION’ series, ENHYPEN heated up the heat with the stage composition that encompasses the narrative of the 3rd mini album ‘MANIFESTO: DAY 1’ released in July. 

ENHYPEN presented all the title tracks and major tracks of the albums released so far, including ‘Given-Taken’, ‘Drunk-Dazed’, ‘Tamed-Dashed’, ‘Blessed-Cursed’, and ‘Future Perfect (Pass the MIC)’. It raised the heat of the concert hall to the highest level. The seven members captivated the fans with their energetic performance and rich facial expressions represented by a ‘perfect synchronized dance move’. 

They completed a lively stage by using the protruding stage, and enhanced the immersion of the performance with special effects such as lasers and firecrackers. 

ENHYPEN said, “‘MANIFESTO’ is ENHYPEN’s first offline concert since their debut, and has a special meaning for both members and fans. ENHYPEN exists because of you.”

 During the performance, ENGENE sang along to the song, gave warm applause, and enjoyed the performance with the members by cheering for surfing, leaving a deep impression. 

After the performance, ENHYPEN said, “This performance is the starting point to introduce ENHYPEN to the world, just like the title ‘MANIFESTO’. After finishing the first world tour, we will stand in front of the ENGENE with the image of a more grown ENHYPEN.” 

On the other hand, ENHYPEN, which successfully finished the Seoul concert, will hold the concerts in 6 cities in the United States, including Anaheim on October 2-3, Fort Worth on October 6, Houston on the 8th, Atlanta on the 11th, Chicago on the 13th, and New York on the 15th. 

They will continue the world tour in three Japanese cities: Aichi on the 2nd, Osaka on the 9th and 10th, and Kanagawa on the 15th and 16th.

Source: www.osen.co.kr


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