ENHYPEN Teases ‘Fatal Trouble’ Music Video a Day Before Album Release

ENHYPEN has heightened anticipation among fans by releasing a teaser for the music video of their title track ‘Fatal Trouble’, just one day before the launch of their new album. The teaser was posted at midnight on April 12th on the official social media channels for their special album ‘MEMORABILIA’.

The video begins with shots of an empty train carriage, setting a mysterious atmosphere as it speeds through landscapes that serve as backdrops for the ‘DARK MOON’ series. The teaser also includes snippets of the ‘Fatal Trouble’ track, showcasing ENHYPEN’s vocal harmony intertwined with a poignant and intense melody that conveys a deep emotion.

Previously, ENHYPEN offered fans a preview of the album, sharing snippets of all six tracks, including ‘Fatal Trouble’. This latest teaser presents a different mood from the lyrical sections initially revealed, sparking curiosity about the story and themes embedded in the full music video and tracks.

Uniquely, the ‘Fatal Trouble’ music video is produced in animation, a technique that enhances the emotional connection to the narrative of seven vampire boys featured in the ‘DARK MOON’ series.

ENHYPEN and HYBE’s original storyline for the ‘DARK MOON’ series tightly integrates with this release, part of a ‘Next Entertainment’ strategy that aims to provide fans with a broad and immersive experience. This approach is expected to create significant synergy and is keenly watched by industry observers.

Set for a global release on May 13th at 6 PM (KST), ‘MEMORABILIA’ encapsulates themes of ‘fateful love’ and ‘existential contemplations of being a vampire’, integrating them musically. The title track ‘Fatal Trouble’ is a rock/ballad genre song that articulates the turbulent and conflicted emotions of loving someone believed to be dear.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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