ENHYPEN Unveils MV Teaser for Title Track ‘XO’ Ahead of Comeback

Group ENHYPEN (Jungwon, Heeseung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Ni-ki) is set to showcase their contrasting charms as they prepare for their comeback in three days.

On July 9th at midnight, ENHYPEN released the music video teaser for “XO (Only If You Say Yes),” the title track of their second full album “ROMANCE: UNTOLD,” through the official HYBE Labels channel.

The teaser begins with the sound of thunder and shows ENHYPEN members rising with eerie movements, creating a chilling atmosphere. The members exude a cold, charismatic allure with their frosty expressions. The teaser also features fantasy elements such as a massive butterfly shadow and wings sprouting from Ni-ki, leaving a powerful impression.

Previously, ENHYPEN had caught attention by performing a sweet melody and romantic choreography in pink-toned outfits during the challenge segment of “XO (Only If You Say Yes).” The stark contrast between the teaser and the earlier performance segment has sparked curiosity among fans.

ENHYPEN’s second full album “ROMANCE: UNTOLD” will be released on July 12th at 1 PM KST. The album tells the story of a boy who pledges loyalty to the person who makes him a better version of himself. The title track “XO (Only If You Say Yes)” is a pop song that expresses the boy’s desire to do anything for his special someone if they just say yes.

Source: newsen.com


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