Epik High, pre-release of ‘FACE ID’ on the 25th


‘FACE ID’ is the pre-release song of Epik High’s 10th regular album ‘EPIK HIGH IS HERE 下 (PART 2)’, which is scheduled to be released in 2022. 

In the past two years, when everyone had no choice but to hide their faces, the song contained the message of recovering the lost faces and revealing our faces in a cool way. 

The speedy and energetic sound that is different from the soft and sweet sensibility shown in the past is combined with the explosive rap of Epik High and the featuring corps, raising expectations for the full version of the soundtrack. 

Epik High’s pre-release single ‘FACE ID’, which will deliver intense energy to listeners prior to the release of the regular album, will be available from 6pm on the 25th. 

The music video showing Tukutz’ group dance will be released at the same time as the release on Epik High’s official YouTube channel. 

Epik High will hold a solo concert ‘Epik High Is Here’ at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, Seoul from December 17th to 19th and will meet with fans at the concert hall for the first time in two years.


Source: sports.donga.com

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