Epik High’s new song ‘A good song to listen to on a rainy day’… interested in the Meteorological Agency?

With the release of the group Epik High’s new song ‘Rain Song’, a lot of people are paying attention to the weather on the 29th, the day of the release. ‘Rain Song’ is a new album released by Epik High (Tablo, Mithra, Tukutz) about 5 months after the regular 10th album ‘Epik High Is Here’ released in January, and 18 years after their debut. It is the first digital single to be released. Epik High’s new seasonal song, which follows the previously loved ‘Umbrella (feat. Younha)’ and ‘It’s Cold (feat. Lee Hi)’, is a ‘Rain Song’ in that it features male artist Colde this time. The members also followed the SNS of the Korea Meteorological Administration for a few days before and prayed earnestly for rain on that day by inquiring about the weather in advance at 6 pm on the 29th. With the release date of the new song approaching a day away, attention is focused on whether Epik High will be able to present a ‘Rain Song’ to the fans as Epik High wishes.

Source: www.hankyung.com


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