‘Female solo singers’ comeback to the public with ‘her own story’

IU’s 5th full album, song title ‘Lilac’ is No. 1 for nine days since the release on the 25th last month in the music source site Melon’s ’24Hits’ charts.  The situation is similar in other music sites that operate real-time charts such as Genie Music, Flow, and Bugs. The songs on the album have been at the top of the charts for more than 10 days after the album was released. 
Blackpink Rose, who challenged her first solo debut, released “On The Ground” on the 12th of last month, does not seem to  fall from the top 10 for more than three weeks. ‘On the Ground’, which Rosé directly participated in the lyrics of, drew a favorable response from domestic and foreign fans, as she said, “I wanted to include the most honest image of myself in a solo song.” ‘On the Ground’, with the entire song in English, ranked 70th on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart, the highest among Korean female solo singers, and domestic album sales reached 450,000 copies only during the week of release, based on Hanteo Chart. Jessi, who made a sensation of challenge on TikTok last year with ‘Nunu Nana’, is also gaining popularity with the new song ‘What Type of X’ released on the 17th of last month which ranked second in monthly sales in March.

Source: www.sedaily.com


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