FIFTY FIFTY’s ‘Cupid’ surpasses 5 million listens on Shazam… Global popularity continues

Girl group FIFTY FIFTY’s hit track “Cupid-Twin-ver.” has surpassed 5 million listens on Shazam, marking a first for a K-pop female artist on this global music search platform.

The song’s significant achievement on Shazam underscores FIFTY FIFTY’s growing global popularity. This record-setting number of listens is the highest ever achieved by a Korean female artist on the platform, previously only BTS among K-pop groups had reached such a milestone.

Shazam, a widely used music identification app with over 100 million users globally, offers features like displaying the title and count of times a song has been Shazamed. It also provides various statistics, including a map that shows where the song has been most searched by users.

“Cupid-Twin-ver.” is the English version of the title track “Cupid” from their debut single album “The Beginning: Cupid,” released in February 2023. The song began gaining international traction through platforms like TikTok, leading to remarkable chart performances across major music charts like Billboard in the USA, the Official UK Chart, and Global Spotify, sparking a worldwide “Cupid syndrome.”

Furthermore, “Cupid-Twin-ver.” re-entered the U.S. Billboard charts this February, securing the 9th spot on the ‘World Digital Song Sales’ chart, 15th on the ‘World Album’ chart, and 197th on the ‘Global 200 Excl U.S.’, continuing to enjoy immense popularity and attention.



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