‘First Meeting Syndrome’ TWS, Official Channel Surpasses 100 Million Views

The official YouTube channel of the group TWS has surpassed 100 million cumulative views.

According to Pledis Entertainment on April 18, the cumulative view count of all content on TWS’s (Shinyu, Dohun, Youngjae, Hanjin, Jihoon, Kyungmin) official channel exceeded 100 million views around 5:20 PM the previous day.

Even after their album activities ended, TWS has continued to leverage their popularity by adapting the success of their mini 1st album ‘Sparkling Blue’ into various YouTube contents. Notably, challenges related to the album’s tracks have driven up the view counts.

In particular, challenge videos featuring some members from their senior group Seventeen, such as ‘Oh Mymy : 7s (Hoshi)’, and ‘The First Meeting Doesn’t Go as Planned (Dino, Dokyeom-Seungkwan)’ have all garnered over 2 million views each, attracting significant attention.

TWS has expanded its interaction with the public through its own content series like ‘Just Around the Corner’ and ‘TWS:CLUB’, showcasing their approachable and wholesome image. The lineup of their content, covering dance practice, recording sessions, and behind-the-scenes from their activities, is also gradually expanding.

TWS has been well-received for their genre ‘Boyhood Pop’, which resonates with the beautiful emotions of boyhood through their lyrics and refreshing melodies. Just like their genre that reflects a youthful charm, the members have continuously left a friendly and positive impression through their recent appearances in variety shows and short-form content.

‘The First Meeting Doesn’t Go as Planned’ has been in the top ranks on major domestic music sites like Melon and Genie for over three months. The album containing this track, ‘Sparkling Blue’, has achieved ‘half-million seller’ status with over 500,000 copies sold.

Source: newsen.com


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