(G)I-dle, ‘Tomboy’ MV surpasses 40 million views in a week… Proof of popularity

The group (G)I-dle rose to the top spot on the K-Pop Radar music video weekly chart with their new song ‘Tomboy’. 

(G)I-dle’s ‘Tomboy’ music video recorded a whopping 40.12 million views during the 12th week of K-pop radar counting period (March 13, 2022 – March 19, 2022), coincidentally with the comeback, the music video week topped the charts. 

In fact, according to the number of YouTube views by country of (G)I-dle analyzed by K-Pop Radar, it was confirmed that Korea accounted for 17.4%, India 8.7%, Vietnam 7.8%, Thailand 5.8%, and Indonesia 5.5% in the order. 

Also, on this week’s K-Pop Radar music video chart, Brave Girls’ new song ‘Thank You’ ranked 2nd, and global boy group Stray Kids’ new song ‘Maniac’ ranked 3rd, showing the performances of the artists who made their comeback. 

The K-Pop Radar music video chart with detailed data can be found on the K-Pop Radar website. 

Currently, the number of real-time music video views of 676 domestic teams, YouTube subscribers, Twitter, Instagram followers, etc. are provided in the form of a website, and the ‘K-Pop World Map’ has been released every year, creating a topic.

Source: www.osen.co.kr


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