GOT7’s Youngjae Makes Solo Comeback with First Full Album ‘Do It’ Released Today

title: GOT7’s Youngjae Makes Solo Comeback with First Full Album ‘Do It’.. Released Today

article: GOT7’s Youngjae is making a comeback today (6th) with his first full album ‘Do It’.

The new album ‘Do It’ is Youngjae’s first solo full-length album, filled with a positive and hopeful message of “Let’s try anything.” It conveys sincere encouragement that, no matter what difficulties one may face, if they keep challenging themselves, a beautiful ending will eventually come. Youngjae personally contributed his name to all ten tracks on the credit list, filling the album with songs that reflect his experiences, memories, and gratitude for loved ones.

The title track is also titled ‘Do It,’ and it expresses the excited emotions of a man in love based on a catchy melody and refreshing guitar sounds. The refreshing vibe that brightens one’s mood while listening is expected to become a “new autumn song” for listeners both domestically and internationally, easily enjoyable by all.

Youngjae has been teasing his new album with various content releases, including concept photos, mood films, highlight medleys, and lyric teasers. The final music video teaser, released on the 5th, rapidly showcases Youngjae in various genres, from high-teen to romance, action, sports, and more, ending with a scene that makes it look like he just woke up. With the previously released content, featuring objects reminiscent of movie protagonists, the anticipation for the complete music video, which is expected to contain the entire narrative, has increased.

After debuting with the group GOT7, Youngjae embarked on a new challenge as a solo artist starting in 2021. He consistently released albums in which he actively participated in songwriting and composition, establishing his own musical color. Simultaneously, he delivered his powerful vocals and sweet voice to the public through musicals, DJing, various drama OSTs, and more.

Youngjae will release his new album through various online music streaming platforms at 6 p.m. today (6th) and continue with various activities.



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