Group BTS Jin expressed his thoughts on joining the military


Group BTS Jin (Kim Seok-jin) expressed his thoughts on joining the military surrounding himself and the team.

Jin hosted a live broadcast on the fan community Weverse on the 28th. On the same day, Jin revealed his original plan to enlist in the military. Jin said, “I was going to join the army after my 2020 album ‘BE’. However, the “Dynamite” released at the time was postponed as it became a big hit. He explained the background of the delay in joining the military, saying, “Butter and Permission to Dance” were also released so that fans could like it.” Eventually, he delayed his enlistment and continued to this day. There was also a plan to enlist in June this year. It is time for the BTS to declare the suspension of group activities. Jin said, “After the Grammy Awards, I prepared to join the military. It was a video of “BTS Dinner” in June, which said it would stop group activities and focus on individual activities. He indirectly expressed his military enlistment. However, Jin once again explained the background of the postponement of his enlistment, saying, “I originally tried to enlist, but the members persuaded me, ‘I think this will be my last performance, and I hope this performance will be done,’ so I thought I had to be polite to the fans.” At the same time, as talk of enlistment and alternative service system surrounding BTSs constantly emerged, BTSs were criticized for joining the military. Jin said, “It’s not unfair, but I’m glad that fans don’t watch the performance of tears. “I was criticized, but I’m satisfied,” he said, showing off his love for fans.

Meanwhile, Jin is in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on a joint stage with the band Coldplay to mark the release of her first solo single, “The Astronaut.” Jin said, “I think I will return to Korea after the performance and go through the enlistment process.”




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