Hara Goo, memorial for the first year since her death. Our “Pretty Girl”

It’s been an year since the late Hara Goo found dead last year. The singer Hara Goo from Kara died at her home on November 24, 2019. She was 29 years old. The memorial of fans and acquaintances who can’t forget her continues. rnrnHara made her debut in the music industry in 2008 with the girl group, Kara. She never went up to stardom from the beginning. Members struggled to promote the team and began to gain popularity with the mini 2nd album, “Pretty Girl”. The main entertainment show that informed the group to the public was “Invincible Youth” from SBS. The fans loved her adorable images and friendly appearance. Kara extended its contract with his agency DSP Media in 2014 and worked actively in Korea and Japan. Kara is represented as a one of top Korean girl groups in Japan. After releasing her solo album in 2015, she terminated a contract with her agency in the following year and shifted her career as an actress. Since then, she also actively worked as the MC of Olive TV “Soulmates” and JTBC4 “My Mad Beauty Diary” and also the lead character of the Kakao TV drama, “Footsteps”. In particular, he appeared in “Soulmate” and showed her playful daily life with her classmates when she was a student. After showing such a lovely figures, she gave a sudden sad news to her fans. After her death, Hara’s mother appeared and fought a legal dispute with her brother in inheritance. Her brother is urging the legislation of the “Goo, Hara Law” to prevent parents who have given up their duty of raising children from receiving the inherited properties of their deceased children.



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