Heize, the presence of ‘music chart queen’ revealed


Singer Heize properly showed the side of a ‘music chart queen’ with ‘Happen’. ‘Happen’ is a song that combines a rhythmic melody line with Heize’s mournful voice. ‘Happen’, released on the 20th of last month as the title song of Heize’s new EP ‘HAPPEN’, is continuing its long-running march while maintaining the top spot on major music charts. The only song that ranked higher than ‘Happen’ on the chart was ‘Butter’ by the group BTS, which shook the charts around the world. After about a year of hiatus after the release of her previous EP ‘Lyricist’, Heize succeeded in announcing a splendid return with ‘Happen’. The song performance of ‘Lyricist’ was somewhat disappointing compared to the previous one, so eyes are once more on the high ranking of ‘Happen’. Heize confessed that she went through a slump before this comeback. Heize solidified her position as a music powerhouse by climbing to the top of the charts with ‘You, Clouds, Rain’, one of the double title songs of the EP ‘/// (You, Clouds, Rain)’ released in June of that year. It is interesting that Heize created a landscape similar to that at that time with ‘Happen’ this summer, four years after. Heize collaborated with former Untitled and Amp member Yoo Gun Young, who created Psy’s mega-hit song ‘Gangnam Style’ and P-Nation producer, to compose ‘Happen’. In the case of P-Nation head Psy, Psy supported Heize by casting top actor Song Joong-ki in the music video for ‘Happen’. The music video posted on Heize’s official YouTube channel has surpassed 6.5 million views. It has been less than a month since it was released, but it has already surpassed the number of views (about 4 million) of the ‘Lyricist’ music video posted on the same channel a year ago. Heize is conducting a cover contest to repay her love for ‘Happen’ and at the same time continue her popularity march.


Source: starin.edaily.co.kr


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