HYBE ADOR Rookie NewJeans, 6 MVs released in 2 days after debut

The new girl group NewJeans has released the music video for the second title song ‘Hype Boy’. 

NewJeans, who created a sensation by opening the music video for the first title song ‘Attention’ with the first content of their debut album on the 22nd, released the music video for the second title song ‘Hype Boy’ at 00:00 on the 23rd, as predicted. 

The music video for ‘Hype Boy’ was produced in four parts. The four music videos consist of Minji, Hani, Daniel-Haerin, and Hyein, named after the members. Each member tells the story of each member, but in the end, it conveys the message of ‘NewJeans is one’ and coincides with the narrative of ‘We’ and ‘A teenage girl who shines brighter when we are together’ presented in the first music video ‘Attention’.

Also, New Jeans talks about human relationships and attraction, paying attention to emotions that go beyond simple love. 

The videos did not just show the choreography, but the members’ narratives were delicately captured in the performance scene. 

New Jeans released a total of 6 official videos within two days of their debut, including the main part and performance music video for the first title song ‘Attention’ on the 22nd, and 4 music videos for the second title song ‘Hype Boy’ today. 

On the other hand, HYBE’s new label, ADOR’s new girl group NewJeans, will release the music video for ‘Hurt’ at 00:00 on the 25th (KST).

Source: news.jtbc.co.kr


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