HYBE global girl group audition program ‘The Debut: Dream Academy’, anyone in the world can watch and participate through 5 major social channels

The official channel of ‘The Debut: Dream Academy’, which is attracting attention as the globalization of the K-pop system, has been opened.

‘The Debut: Dream Academy’ is a global girl group audition program jointly conducted by Hive, which leads the K-pop industry, and Universal Music Group (UMG), the world’s three major record labels.

The first video released is a logo trailer embodying the theme of ‘dream’.
In the logo trailer, various foreign words corresponding to ‘dream’ in Korean appear one after another at high speed. With words corresponding to the native languages of the 20 trainees participating in the program, the nationalities of the trainees competing for the final debut group can be inferred.

A pre-video interview between Hive Chairman Bang Si-hyuk and Geffen Records CEO John Jannick, who oversees the project, was also uploaded on social media.

‘The Debut: Dream Academy’ can be watched in earnest from 0:00 on September 2 through the official YouTube channel of ‘The Debut: Dream Academy’, Japan’s ABEMA, and the global fandom life platform Weverse.

An official vote to select the final member will also be held through Weverse, and the Weverse official community, where you can directly communicate with trainees, is scheduled to open on the 29th.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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