“HYBE’s Youngest Daughter” ILLIT Unveils Visual Teaser for Debut Album Title Track ‘Magnetic,’ Raising Expectations

The debut album’s title track ‘Magnetic’ music video by HYBE’s newest girl group ILLIT has slightly lifted its veil, heightening anticipation. ILLIT (Yoona, Minju, Mocha, Wonhee, Iroha) released the visual teaser for the music video of ‘Magnetic,’ the title track from their mini album ‘SUPER REAL ME,’ on HYBE Labels’ YouTube channel at midnight on the 18th (KST).

The video captures attention with its clear and shimmering sound along with the lovely and pure visuals of the ILLIT members, sparking curiosity about the full music video. Scenes where the members are drawn to each other like magnets, either facing each other closely or holding hands tightly and joyfully bouncing on a bed, exude an innocent charm. The pure emotions of teenage girls unable to sleep in anticipation of something exciting are vividly conveyed. The visual teaser, featuring various objects like puzzles, invitations, paper cranes, and glass marbles, amplifies curiosity about the stories of the five ILLIT members that will unfold through these items.

‘Magnetic’ is a song comparing the feeling of running full speed towards someone you like to the force of a magnet. Belift Lab describes the song as “a dance genre track that mixes Pluggnb and House, with beautiful arpeggio synths and dynamic bass delivering a strong rhythm. The repetitive lyrics of ‘super attraction’ will stick in the listeners’ ears.”

ILLIT is set to debut with the release of their mini album ‘SUPER REAL ME’ on March 25th at 6 PM. Ahead of this, vertical teasers for the title track music video will be released on the 22nd and 24th, further elevating the anticipation for ILLIT’s debut to its peak.

Source: starnewskorea.com


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