In autumn, the ‘Autumn Goddess’ arrives… Kwon Eunbi releases self-cam video of new song ‘Like Heaven’

K-pop artist Kwon Eunbi is making her return with a new digital single titled ‘Like Heaven,’ bringing the essence of autumn to her music. The official self-cam video for the song was released on the Showz official YouTube channel. In the video, Kwon Eunbi dances to the rhythmic music while singing, showcasing her refreshing charm and bright vocals. The video exudes a delightful, healing energy, creating anticipation for her upcoming release.

‘Like Heaven’ falls into the city pop genre and features dreamy guitar riffs and brass sounds, invoking a sense of autumnal nostalgia and romanticism. Notably, hip-hop artist and producer Paul Blanco collaborates on the track, adding a layer of sentimentality and creating a captivating chemistry with Kwon Eunbi’s pure vocals. Prior to the song’s release, Kwon Eunbi performed ‘Like Heaven’ for the first time during her third concert, ‘QUEEN,’ which received an explosive response from fans. The music video for the song, shot in Japan, is also highly anticipated for its visual representation of Kwon Eunbi’s diverse charms.

Kwon Eunbi’s ‘Like Heaven’ aims to break away from her previous sexy and charismatic image, revealing her refreshing and youthful side as an autumn goddess. With her captivating performance and global fan base, Kwon Eunbi is set to provide a unique and enchanting experience with her new song, raising expectations for her music and visuals alike. The single is scheduled for release on October 24th at 6:00 PM KST on various music platforms.



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