‘In the Soop BTS 2′ first broadcast viewing point


The group BTS announced that they will comeback with their new reality program ‘In the Soop BTS Season 2’. ‘In the Soop BTS Season 2’ is HYBE’s entertainment reality program that contains a healing story in the forest that seven BTS members enjoy separately and together.

‘In the Soop BTS Season 2’, which comes back after about a year, heralds an upgraded scale compared to the last season. In the first teaser video released on the 23rd of last month, the mansion of BTS, reminiscent of the secret garden in the movie, was revealed. The members showed their evolving cooking skills by making their own cauldron chicken, sushi, chicken ribs, naengmyeon, steak, ramen, kimchi fried rice, jamon melon dessert, and French toast. 

In this program, the members are expected to present an upgraded mukbang from grilled clams to the finest Korean beef, attracting attention. 

In the third teaser video released on the 11th, BTS members enjoying ‘play well’, ‘eat well’ and ‘rest well’ under the theme of ‘three ways to enjoy the forest’. 

The members showed how to take a break in their own way, such as reading a book or experiencing basketball, water play, tennis, foot volleyball, trampoline, and four-wheeled bikes. Expectations are high as to what the real rest the members will enjoy in an intimate space deep in the forest. 

‘In the Soop BTS Season 2’ is broadcast every Friday at 9 pm on JTBC, starting with the first airing on the 15th (KST).


Source: sports.khan.co.kr

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