ITZY, on the 3rd, released the music video for the b-side song ‘BET ON ME’ for the first time

ITZY released the music video for the b-side song “BET ON ME” on the new album for the first time and launched full-fledged comeback promotion. 

Prior to the official release of the new mini-album “KILL MY DOUBT” on the 31st, ITZY released the music video for track 1 “BET ON ME” on the 3rd. 

JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP) posted a promotion scheduler on its official social media channel on June 20, and included the title song ‘CAKE’ and the b-side songs ‘BET ON ME’ and ‘None of My Business’ (Non of My Business). Business) Announcing an abundant promotion schedule to release a total of three new music videos, heightened the anticipation of K-pop fans. 

‘BET ON ME’, which is a growth song for ITZY members as well as young people living in this era, sings about the situation where anxiety and confidence coexist inside and the confidence that has been solidified in the process of long agony. 

It is a track that opens the door to the new album ‘KILL MY DOUBT’ and a song that penetrates the album’s message, and is expected to be organically linked to the title song ‘CAKE’. 

The music video, which ends with the phrase “Still, I choose me, I bet on me,” harmonizes with our youth who eventually find the answer even after wandering, like the lyrics “I’m the only one who will believe in me, who is afraid but anxious,” giving ITZY’s unique feeling. 



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