ITZY’s ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’ Surprise Spoilers

ITZY released a spoiler video for the first regular album ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’, raising expectations for their comeback. JYP Entertainment released the videos containing the highlights of the new songs such as the title song ‘LOCO’, ‘SWIPE’, ‘Sooo LUCKY’, ‘#Twenty’, ‘BM- BOXX’, ‘Gas Me Up’, ‘LOVE is’, ‘Chillin’ Chillin’, ‘Mirror’, etc. 
The title song ‘LOCO’ is a song that expresses the strong attraction that was first felt in the style of Generation Z, and you can meet the new side of ITZY, who ‘not hung up on love’. 
‘SWIPE’ is a song that sends a warning message to those who cross the line, featuring 808 drum beats, heavy bass, and melodic rap flowing over retro clarinet. 
‘Sooo LUCKY’ is a pop genre song with the lovely lyrics, “It’s a miracle that you and I fell in love among billions of people.” 
As the title suggests, ‘#Twenty’ is a hip-hop genre song that unleashes the excitement and palpitation of having just turned 20 in ITZY’s own style. It’s an exciting song that compares the message of ‘Let’s express it in a positive way’ to the ‘boombox’, a representative item of millennials. 
They also released the ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’ stickers using AR technology on Social media Instagram and Facebook to express and enjoy free-spirited emotions. 
ITZY will release their first full-length album ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’ simultaneously around the world and make a comeback on September 24 at 00:00 EST around the world. At 11 pm, an hour earlier, ‘ITZY #OUTNOW COMEBACK SHOW’ will be held on Naver NOW. and the title song ‘LOCO’ will be performed for the first time.



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