ITZY’s Yeji Releases First Solo Song ‘Crown On My Head’ MV, Exuding a Queen’s Aura

Yeji, a member of the group ITZY, has showcased a passionate ‘queen’ aura in the music video for her first solo song ‘Crown On My Head (Yeji)’ from their new album. ITZY is set to make a comeback on January 8 with the release of their new album ‘BORN TO BE’ and the title track ‘UNTOUCHABLE’. As part of a series unveiling eight video contents, the official music video for Yeji’s solo track ‘Crown On My Head (Yeji)’ was released on December 20 at midnight through ITZY’s official social media channels.

In the video, Yeji confidently continues her narrative amidst lightning strikes and bursting flames, her every step exuding bold determination. She captivates with a confident smile while holding a fiercely burning crown, showcasing her prowess as a ‘performance queen’ with dynamic performances and expressive acting. The music video is filled with the unique aura of ‘ITZY Yeji’.

The track ‘Crown On My Head (Yeji)’, the fifth song on the album, features Yeji’s involvement in lyrics and composition. The intense melody harmonizes with her inherent charisma. Drawing inspiration from ITZY’s symbolic keywords ‘Crown’ and ‘Queen’, the lyrics convey a resolution to believe in oneself and forge a unique path.

The new album ‘BORN TO BE’ includes solo tracks by each member, all participating in the song creation, such as ‘Blossom (Lia)’, ‘Run Away (Ryujin)’, ‘Mine (Chaeryeong)’, and ‘Yet, but (Yuna)’. The album also features 10 tracks in total, including the title track ‘UNTOUCHABLE’, ‘BORN TO BE’, ‘Mr. Vampire’, ‘Dynamite’, and ‘Escalator’, with contributions from renowned domestic and international songwriters like Eslan, Bang Hye-hyun, Maria Marcus, Shim Eun-ji, Lee Woo-min ‘collapsedone’, GALACTIKA *, SELAH, and MRCH.

To celebrate the release of ‘BORN TO BE’ and ‘UNTOUCHABLE’, ITZY will conduct a countdown live with fans worldwide on January 8 at 5 PM. They will also hold a solo concert in Seoul on February 24 and 25, marking the start of their second world tour ‘ITZY THE 2ND WORLD TOUR ‘BORN TO BE”.



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