ITZY’s Yeji Shines with Charismatic Presence in Comeback

ITZY member Yeji has showcased her radiant and charismatic presence in the group’s latest comeback. Ahead of the official release of their new album ‘BORN TO BE’ and its title track ‘UNTOUCHABLE’ on January 8, 2024, ITZY has been releasing a series of teaser contents. On December 11, a group teaser was revealed, followed by six concept photos and a clip of Yeji released at midnight on the 12th.

In the photos, Yeji exudes a confident and passionate aura, captivating viewers with her strong gaze under red lighting, smoky eye makeup, bold accessories, and a relaxed hoodie style. The accompanying clip further highlights her confidence and charisma, set in a dark cave with a glowing halo, heightening anticipation for ITZY’s ‘hot’ and ‘wild’ new album.

The album ‘BORN TO BE’ features a variety of tracks, including the title song ‘UNTOUCHABLE’ and the first-ever solo songs by ITZY members, showcasing their individual talents in composing and writing. The album is filled with ten tracks, including ‘Crown On My Head (Yeji)’, ‘Blossom (Lia)’, ‘Run Away (Ryujin)’, ‘Mine (Chaeryeong)’, ‘Yet, but (Yuna)’, ‘Mr. Vampire’, ‘Dynamite’, and ‘Escalator’. Renowned domestic and international composers and lyricists, including Isran, Bang Hye Hyun, and Maria Marcus, have contributed to the album, making it a highly anticipated release.

Following the comeback, ITZY will embark on a new world tour in February 2024. They will kick off the tour with a solo concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Songpa-gu, Seoul, on February 24 and 25. This marks their second world tour, following the successful ‘CHECKMATE’ tour from August 2022 to April 2023. ITZY promises to deliver even more perfect performances and explosive energy, building on their previous tour experiences. The new mini-album ‘BORN TO BE’ will be officially released on January 8 at 6 PM, followed by a countdown live event at 5 PM with their fandom, MIDZY, to create memorable comeback moments.



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