IU and V Share Love in a Ruined City in ‘Love wins all’

The music video for ‘Love wins all,’ a pre-released song by IU, premiered on her official YouTube channel at midnight on the 24th, showcasing a world where love triumphs in a hopeless environment. The video features V from BTS and has garnered significant attention from fans both domestically and internationally. It depicts IU and V amidst a desolate building filled with heaps of old clothes, symbolizing a world devoid of human warmth. The video transitions to a dust and cobweb-covered restaurant, where IU appears in a wedding dress and V in a suit, portraying a newlywed couple. This imagery aligns with the message IU previously shared about the song: a tale of those striving to love despite the world’s obstacles.

‘Love wins all’ is a ballad with a clear narrative arc, starting with a minimal, vintage piano intro and building to a powerful outro. It continues IU’s series of significant ballads, following ‘Secret,’ ‘To the Name,’ and ‘Love Poem.’ This release marks IU’s first new song since her ‘Pieces’ album in December 2021, approximately two years and one month prior. The song’s title originally ‘Love wins’ sparked controversy for potentially overshadowing the message historically associated with the LGBTQ+ community. In response, IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, changed the title to ‘Love wins all’ on the 19th to show respect and support for all forms of love.

IU’s upcoming album, set for release in March, will feature a total of five songs, including ‘Love wins all.’ Prior to this, she will embark on her first world tour in about five years since ‘Love, Poem’ in 2019. The tour, titled ‘H.E.R.,’ will take IU to various cities, including Seoul, Yokohama, Taipei, Singapore, Jakarta, Hong Kong, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, London, Berlin, Bangkok, Osaka, Newark, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Rosemont, Oakland, and Los Angeles.

Source: xportsnews.com


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