IVE dominates music charts in April


IVE topped the monthly, weekly, daily, and 24-hour charts of Melon, Genie, Bugs!, Naver Vibe, and FLO, which are major domestic music sites. 

Pre-released on March 27, ‘Kitsch’ immediately climbed to the top of the weekly chart (4th week of March to 2nd week of April) and maintained its position for 3 consecutive weeks, achieving No. 1 on the monthly chart. 

On the Genie Monthly Chart, ‘Kitsch’ took first place and ‘I AM’ took second place. After that, ‘I.M’ took first place on the weekly chart for 2 weeks (3rd week of April to 4th week of April). 

In Naver Vibe’s ‘Today Top 100’, ‘Kitsch’ took first place for 19 consecutive days (March 31-April 18), and ‘I.M’ took first place for 12 consecutive days (April 19-April 30). ) and occupied the top of the chart for the month of April. 

In the flow chart, where the ranking of the chart is updated every hour on a 24-hour aggregate basis, ‘Kitsch’ took first place for a total of 360 hours from 23:00 on March 28 to 23:00 on April 12. Following that, ‘I AM’ took first place for a total of 516 hours from 23:00 on April 12 to the present (as of 10:00 am on May 4).


Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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