Ive X BIG Naughty, A Meeting of MZ Icons

Ive has heightened the anticipation for her comeback. On the 8th, her agency, Starship Entertainment, uploaded a teaser video for Ive’s new album ‘I’ve Mine’ and its title track ‘Baddie’ on the official YouTube channel.

Notably, Ive surprised fans by unexpectedly releasing the ‘Baddie’ teaser during her first world tour ‘Show What I Have’ concert in Seoul. In the video, Ive’s charismatic and unconventional presence captured the audience’s attention. With her cool and bold image, Ive exuded a dark allure, accompanied by an addictive sound that piqued curiosity about ‘Baddie.’

The new song ‘Baddie’ features a powerful trap beat and a unique electric bass sound, creating an impressive and full-bodied atmosphere. It promises to showcase Ive’s distinctive charm, with the addition of rapper BIG Naughty’s lyrics and the members’ powerful rap, offering a new side of Ive that fans haven’t seen before.

The stylish ‘Baddie’ music video, directed by Lafic, emphasizes Ive’s unique hipness, enhancing the overall completeness of the song. Through her new album ‘I’ve Mine,’ Ive will showcase her diverse image from various perspectives, exploring themes such as self-discovery and self-expression. The album includes the triple title track, offering a multi-faceted look at herself.

Ive is set to release her new album ‘I’ve Mine’ along with the title track ‘Baddie’ on the 13th.

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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