IVE’s ‘Off The Record’ Pre-release D-DAY, Featuring Lyrics by Seo Ji Eum for Maximum Synergy

The K-pop group IVE, known for being an “MZ generation icon,” is unveiling their second title track, “Off The Record,” as part of their upcoming album “I’VE MINE.” The song, set to be released on October 6th at 1 PM KST, features a lively beat that blends the diverse vocal colors of the group members. “Off The Record” tells the story of girls who are curious about love during sleepless nights, and it is penned by the talented lyricist Seo Ji Eum, known for her unique narratives in songs like “ELEVEN” and “LOVE DIVE.”

To build anticipation for the release, Starship Entertainment, IVE’s agency, recently unveiled the music video teaser for “Off The Record” on their official social media channels. The teaser offers a glimpse into the music video, with each member portraying intriguing scenes that pique curiosity, including moments with candles, apples, swings, and secret whispers, showcasing a variety of atmospheres.

Directed by Lee Hye In, the music video incorporates a VHS-style aesthetic and a captivating storyline, providing viewers with a stylish and high-quality visual experience. Following the release of their first title track, “Either Way,” which explored themes of self-expression and freedom, “Off The Record” is expected to convey a different facet of the members’ emotions.

Fans can look forward to enjoying “Off The Record” as both an audio track and a music video, available on various online music streaming platforms from October 6th at 1 PM KST.

Source: newsen.com


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