JYP NMIXX debut song ‘O.O’… a total of 4 tracks


JYP Entertainment’s rookie girl group, NMIXX is throwing a ticket to the music industry with their debut song ‘O.O’. 

According to the track list, NMIXX’s debut single contains a total of 4 tracks, including the title song ‘O.O’, the b-side song ‘Tank’, and two instrumental sound sources. 

The hub, a global production team that collaborated with several K-pop artists, including Twice, Itzy, Treasure, and Enhypen, took the lead in writing the song introducing NMIXX’s unique genre, ‘Mixx Pop’, and Dr.JO, a famous producer who worked with Twice, IU, and Mamamoo, participated in writing the lyrics to create synergy. 

NMIXX, a newcomer that JYP, a ‘Girl Group Master’, ambitiously introduces in 2022, is a compound word of the letter ‘N’ for now, new, next, unknown n and the word ‘MIX’ to symbolize combination and diversity. It means ‘combination’. 

Their debut single ‘AD MARE’, featuring their debut song ‘O.O’ and the b-side track ‘Tank’, was sold for only 10 days under the special name of ‘Blind Package’ in July last year without revealing any information. It recorded 61,667 orders, proving the high interest of K-pop fans at home and abroad. 

Meanwhile, NMIXX’s debut single ‘AD MARE’ and the title song ‘O.O’ will be officially released on February 22 at 6 PM (KST), and various news related to their debut project will be opened sequentially on the NMIXX official social media channel.

(You can find more details about the tack list from the source link below.)

Source: sports.khan.co.kr


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