JYP’s New Boy Group NEXZ Debut MV Surpasses 5 Million Views, Tops Charts in Korea and Japan

JYP Entertainment’s (JYP) new boy group NEXZ’s debut music video for ‘Ride the Vibe’ has surpassed 5 million views on YouTube. This milestone was achieved by the morning of May 22, just two days after their official debut on May 20, demonstrating significant domestic and international interest.

NEXZ, JYP’s first new boy group in approximately six years since Stray Kids, consists of members Tomoya, Yuu, Haru, So Gun, Seita, Hui, and Yuki. Their debut single album, also titled ‘Ride the Vibe’, showcases their unique ‘Easy-Experimental’ genre, blending hip-hop rhythms with elements of electronica to create a sound that is both sensory and experimental. The song expresses the waves of emotions such as excitement, anxiety, and anticipation felt by the members as they embark on their debut journey, inviting listeners to “ride the vibe” with them.

The music video captures the vibrant energy of youth, portraying the members’ carefree and dynamic performances throughout various urban settings. Fans have praised the song and video, noting that the groove-filled, chill vibe complements the members’ youthful energy.

Upon release, the ‘Ride the Vibe’ album topped the daily album charts on Hanteo Chart in Korea and Recochoku Daily Album Ranking in Japan. The title track also ranked 16th on the Oricon Daily Digital Singles Ranking and 8th on the Japanese iTunes Top Songs Chart as of the afternoon of May 21.

JYP’s founder, Park Jin-young, named the group NEXZ, hoping they would “open up the future together with the new generation.” With their debut, NEXZ is poised to captivate global music fans with their fresh music and performances, living up to their name, which stands for ‘Next Z(G)eneration’.

Source: starnewskorea.com


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