K-pop audition to expand the scope into ‘global’ including US

HYBE·SM·CJ ENM, planning a K-pop boy group in North and South America. The first to plan a global K-pop audition was HYBE, who raised BTS, which was reborn as a global group. In February, they announced that they would plan a K-pop boy group through an audition program in the United States with Universal Music, the world’s largest record label. Geffen is in charge of music production, global distribution, and audition program production, while HYBE is in charge of artist discovery, training, and fan content production. In South America, TVXQ and Super Junior enjoyed great popularity early and K-pop was established, but CJ ENM is the first Korean company to create an audition program in South America. A CJ ENM official said, “This collaboration adds significance to CJ ENM’s content production capabilities being recognized in the global market.” SM Entertainment also recently announced that it will start an audition program for the launch of ‘NCT Hollywood’, which will be active in the global music market including the United States, within this year with MGM, a major Hollywood production company. The popularity of the audition program did not simply expand overseas, but the domestic music industry has been targeting the global market, and the global audition program should be viewed as an expansion at this point. The official also said, “The reason we were able to collaborate with large American production companies was because of the sharp rise in global interest in K-Pop from a few years ago. It seems that the global success of K-pop groups such as BTS, Blackpink, and Seventeen played a big role,” he said. “However, it is too early to conclude that K-pop has established itself as a ‘mainstream’ in the global market. It is still time to try to find a code that can be successful in the global market.” 

Source: www.dailian.co.kr


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