K-pop stars decorate the Dubai Expo


Starting with ‘World Star’ Psy, Stray Kids, Sunmi, Chungha, (G)I-DLE, Golden Child, Forestella, etc. who are active on the world stage, show off the “influence of K-Pop” in Dubai. 

On the occasion of ‘Korea Day, Korea Week’ of ‘2020 Dubai Expo’ held in the country from the 16th to the 20th, they introduce various cultures of Korea as representative K-pop. 

Psy, Stray Kids, Sunmi, Chungha, (G)I-DLE, etc. decorated a splendid stage at the ‘Korea Day Concert’ at Expo Jubilee Park this afternoon. It is the first time in two years since the outbreak of an infectious disease (COVID-19) that a K-pop concert was held in person. 

Stray Kids, who recorded their first million-seller album sales exceeding 1.3 million last year, are well known abroad and were appointed as ambassadors for the Korean Pavilion in Dubai in June last year. 

BTS, who was recently released from quarantine after three members were cured of the novel coronavirus infection (COVID-19), does not attend the scene in person, but is actively participating in the promotion through video.

They are showing the world the video of the hit song ‘Dynamite’ sung by BTS with Gyeongbokgung in the background and ‘Permission to Dance’ performed in front of the Korean National Treasure No. 1 Sungnyemun.


Source: sports.donga.com


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