Kang Daniel’s acting debut, ‘Running Man’ spin-off… Released as Disney Plus Originals


Disney Plus, which starts its service in Korea on the 12th of next month, held a showcase of original content on the 14th. 

Kang Daniel’s acting debut, the first spin-off of ‘Running Man’, and a drama based on Kang Full’s webtoon will be presented as original contents from OTT Disney Plus, which will start service in Korea next month. 

The Walt Disney Company (hereafter referred to as Disney) held a content showcase on the 14th and unveiled 18 pieces of content from the Asia Pacific region to be serviced by Disney Plus.

Among them, Korean contents consist of 7 episodes, including ‘Running Man: A Man Who Plays on a Running Man’, ‘Snowdrop’, ‘Blackpink: The Movie’, ‘Rookies’, ‘Grid’, ‘Kiss Six Sense’ and ‘Moving’. 

While Netflix’s original content ‘Squid Game’ is creating a global box office boom, Disney Plus seems to have put Korean contents as a marketing point. 

‘Running Man: The Man Who Plays on the Running Man’, which will be released as Disney Plus original content, is the first spin-off program of SBS’s ‘Running Man’.

‘Rookies’, a drama about the love and challenges of young people set in the background of a police academy, is the first acting debut of K-pop star Daniel Kang. 

‘Moving’ is an action hero thriller based on a webtoon by Kang Full, and tells the story of three teenagers discovering their innate superpowers. Starring Ryu Seung-ryong, Han Hyo-joo, and Jo In-seong, 

‘Kiss Six Sense’, which will be released in the second quarter of next year, is a witty work romance drama about a woman who has the superpower to see the future when kissed.


Source: www.joongang.co.kr


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