KISS OF LIFE Makes a Comeback Today (3rd) with New Album ‘Midas Touch’

Girl group KISS OF LIFE is set to release their new album, marking a significant comeback. Their first single album ‘Midas Touch’ revolves around the theme of ‘love,’ a universal emotion destined for everyone at least once. It conveys a message encouraging individuals to love freely and truthfully, beyond the fear of others’ judgments.

The title track ‘Midas Touch’ brings a raw yet intuitive sound reminiscent of the mainstream music of the 2000s. The iconic sounds and synthesizer layers of that era leave a deep impression, while the unique voices and vocal abilities of the members complete the enchanting KISS OF LIFE identity, leaving a strong impact on the audience.

The B-side track ‘Nothing’ is a mid-tempo R&B track that modernly reinterprets the sound of the 2000s, enriched with strings and keyboard. This showcases the matured vocal skills of the members, highlighting KISS OF LIFE’s capabilities as vocalists.

This album, ranging from ‘Midas Touch’, which depicts falling into intense love the moment one’s touched, to ‘Nothing’, which sings about the moment emotions end as love approaches its conclusion, builds an organic story. It expresses the paradoxical nature of love, which once meant everything but leaves nothing after it ends.

Having released two mini albums last year and continuously growing with notable musicality and completeness, KISS OF LIFE is expected to solidify their irreplaceable position in the music industry with their enhanced musical capabilities and confident charm through this new release.

‘Midas Touch’ by KISS OF LIFE will be available from 6 PM today (3rd) through various online music platforms.



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