Kwon Eun-bi, the ‘Waterbomb Goddess,’ Returns with New Single ‘SABOTAGE’ Today (18th)

Kwon Eun-bi, known as the ‘Summer Queen,’ is making a highly anticipated comeback to beat the summer heat. On June 18 at 6 PM, Kwon Eun-bi will release her second single ‘SABOTAGE’ on various music platforms.

The title track ‘SABOTAGE’ is a Euro house genre song inspired by 80s disco sounds. It features a powerful house beat combined with Kwon Eun-bi’s smooth and dynamic vocal range. The retro drums and synthesizers mixed with modern and diverse sounds create a refreshing yet intense summer vibe.

‘SABOTAGE’ depicts a growth story where a destabilizing element (sabotage) disrupts a stable world, and the protagonist overcomes it to secure their rightful place. Kwon Eun-bi’s energetic vocals enhance the song’s quality, and the performance, which includes a captivating chair routine, promises a rich and diverse stage presence.

The new single also includes two additional tracks: ‘Unnatural,’ which captures the feelings of loss from the absence of a loved one, and ‘Bad Blood,’ featuring a catchy melody and Kwon Eun-bi’s alluring vocals. Together, these three songs showcase her captivating voice and wide musical spectrum.

Last year, Kwon Eun-bi performed at the ‘WATERBOMB’ festival, delivering powerful performances that perfectly suited the summer festival vibe. Her track ‘Underwater’ experienced a resurgence three times, solidifying her status as a favorite among the MZ generation and a summer icon.

With ‘SABOTAGE,’ Kwon Eun-bi aims to return to her global fans, presenting upgraded music and performances that reaffirm her title as the ‘Summer Queen.’ Known for her dazzling and mesmerizing stage presence, she is set to captivate global fans and cool down the summer heat with her performance prowess.

Kwon Eun-bi’s second single ‘SABOTAGE’ will be available on various music platforms starting at 6 PM on June 18.



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