LE SSERAFIM Wins Favorite Dance Performance Award at 2023 MAMA AWARDS: “We’ll Show Even More Spectacular Performances”

On the evening of November 29th, at the ‘2023 MAMA AWARDS’ held in Tokyo Dome, Japan, the girl group LE SSERAFIM won the award for Favorite Dance Performance. This achievement highlights the group’s recognition in the field of dance and performance within the music industry.

In their acceptance speech, LE SSERAFIM expressed their deep gratitude for the award, thanking their staff and the members of Source Music, including CEO Si Hyuk and So Sung Jin. They showed particular appreciation for everyone who supported them, emphasizing the teamwork and effort behind their success. The group also thanked their fans, known as ‘FEARNOT’, for their unwavering support and love.

LE SSERAFIM continued their speech in Japanese, reiterating their thanks to their fans and promising to continue working hard to deliver impressive performances. They concluded their remarks in English, expressing their love for their supporters and committing to showcase even more spectacular performances in the future. This win at the MAMA Awards represents not only a significant accomplishment for LE SSERAFIM but also a promise of their continued growth and dedication to their art.

Source: newsen.com


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