LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Chaewon Collaborates with Grammy-Winning Tori Kelly: “A Flawless Perfection”

Kim Chaewon of LE SSERAFIM has embarked on her first musical collaboration since her debut, featuring in the upcoming track ‘spruce’ by American singer-songwriter Tori Kelly, set to release on April 5th (local time). Kim Chaewon expressed her honor and gratitude for participating in a song by the artist she admires through her agency, Source Music. She recalled being instantly captivated by the track and eagerly awaiting the recording session.

Tori Kelly, in an interview with the British music magazine NME, praised Kim Chaewon’s participation in ‘spruce’, noting the collaboration was done remotely but turned out astonishingly well, describing it as “flawless.” Kim Chaewon is known for her clear and pure vocal tone, which has drawn significant attention, as evidenced by the popularity of her cover of Hikaru Utada’s ‘First Love’ on LE SSERAFIM’s official YouTube channel, amassing around 25 million views.

Tori Kelly, a singer-songwriter who gained recognition for her musicality by winning two Grammy Awards for her album ‘Hiding Place’ in 2018, and Kim Chaewon’s collaboration is highly anticipated for the synergy it will create.

Additionally, LE SSERAFIM is set to perform at the ‘Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’ on April 13th and 20th, making history as the fastest Korean artist to hold a solo performance at the festival since their debut.

Source: starnewskorea.com


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